The Characteristics of C-Minor. The film!

“Part biopic, part music video, part tribute to Gothic beauty, The Characteristics of C-Minor bears witness to the emotional armour of a scarred man, and to the thundering growl that emerges when he peels it off.”


The Characteristics of C-Minor.

A Film. A Doco. Succinctly tells some of my story. Aired for the first time on BBC Knowledge in Feb 2014. Shown in 20 International Film Festivals. Some lovely reviews. Two talented film makers J. Ollie Lucks & Max Bellamy have made a beautiful work. Initially shy about being so open and vulnerable in the public domain, so deeply affecting has been the warmth of so many responses to it, I now feel glowingly proud in the way the piece has enabled wider frank discourse about vulnerability, mental health & creativity. The full version of the film I hope will be available online in the not too distant future.


Resuscitate Music Video

A single take, black and white spiral trajectory in an empty theatre. Intimate Growl.


A Montage

Excerpts of a live concert June 2013.


Northeast of Northeastland

A final year art school project. A friend Joe Worley’s stop motion animation of a tragic real life zeppelin expedition to the North Pole. Wanting to create an improvised raw piano track reminiscent of early silent movie accompaniment. This played for four months in the front window display of the Dunedin Public Art Gallery.


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