Radio New Zealand, An Auckland Show! An Update.

Nick Knox 29May2016PSA - 24

Had a lovely interview on Radio Nz Concert (here) re a show at the Audio Foundation in Auckland. Lovely to have a little content hit the national airwaves & Eva Radich was super lovely at putting this nervous public speaker at ease. The concert was magic, my first ever show in Auckland, on a line up of 12 Pianists with a a huge variety of styles and approaches. Hoping to return there, next year for more shows. A lovely trip.

Been a long time since posting here, a quick synopsis – at my studio piano five to six hours every day, voice developing into a richer multi-flecked thing, my musical comprehensions, deepening. My love of music engaged in passionate devotion.

Lots of shows, mostly in Dunedin, but spreading my wings in Wellington too. My performance craft becoming shinier, and the thrill of engaging audience still as vivid as ever.

Alas, very little new content, primarily due to lack of funds. Frustrating at times, but I have become a patient man.

To all my supporters and fans – giant thank yous!!



A Film, An Album, A Story, The Music

It’s been a long time coming! But at last a tandem release.

The Film: “The Characteristics of C-Minor” –  “Part biopic, part music video, part tribute to Gothic beauty, The Characteristics of C-Minor bears witness to the emotional armour of a scarred man, and to the thundering growl that emerges when he peels it off.”
 “Beautifully realised… the story [is captured] with finesse, all the moody scenes and soaring performance pieces adding up to a concise masterpiece in miniature. “(New Zealand Herald)
 Finally here it is released into the public domain!
The Album: “Two Tails – Live at the Cafe”
My third album representing the energy & vitality of my live work featuring similar music to that shown in the film. A mix of songs & improvised instrumental tracks. Dark vox & polyphonies. A further step in my musical and personal evolution.

I hope you enjoy.


A Painter, A Portrait, A Prize

The Wonderful Dunedin Artist Pauline Bellamy won second prize in the Edinburgh Realty Art Awards in Dunedin last night, with this portrait of me. I love the way she has captured my somewhat contorted frame, which is typical on stage as I lose myself in fully immersed states of consciousness. Pauline has been a wonderful supporter of me and my work for many years now, and with husband John are such amazingly passionate and enthusiastic members of the artistic community here. Congrats Pauline! Some of her beautiful work can be found here.


A piece on local news Channel 39 about the painting and show:



Ah, poverty. Wishing deep I had more resources to create shiny content both audio and video. Waiting and hoping to find myself in more advantageous positions, and not. Realising that my release of new content online has almost completely evaporated as a result. So feeling somewhat conflicted, a humble offering………

Widening the Context…….


Recently I had the privilege of being asked to give a talk/performance/film screening at the Blue Oyster Gallery here in Dunedin. Historically a little shy on the public speaking front, it turned out to be a lovely opportunity to share wider philosophies and explain how my creative practises sit within those. Surprised how rich an experience it was, am toying with the idea of repeating a similar format again, perhaps even touring it. The Director of the Gallery the lovely Chloe Geoghegan has concisely edited the talk here. Many thanks also to gallery administrator Emilie Smith for warm encouragements and a beautifully smooth running event.

It’s a Wonderful Life!


The flow is strong. A Summer retreated into my studio. Creative outpourings. A gig at my friends lovely Cafe. A sweet spot. The new material shared publicly for the first time. A beautiful recording. Deciding to share it as a live Album. Generous people. Money. A Gift. Use. Mastering it in Berlin. Excited.

Yes, I am. Bubbling in fact. How to release it? Trying to navigate career development. Needing a manager. Wondering about labels. A little bewildered, but gently so.

The Characteristics of C-Minor, the doco, about my journey, life and music has done amazingly well having screened in 20 International film festivals.

The plan: to release it free onto the internet in the near future.

Hoping it will find legs of it’s own, garner momentum, and usher some more opportunities.

I continue to work very hard, and am so enthused and encouraged by the improvement and the expanding of my comprehensions and capacities as a musician. To focus so deeply on my craft, and to feel almost consistently heartened with my progress is a wonderful and extraordinary feeling.

A long way to go, still very much in the emerging artist category, but with enormous optimism that at some stage, I will spread my wings more fully, and fly.

Again, gratitude for a wealth of support. Thank you friends and fans!

With love.


Life, Radio, and TV

 “The Characteristics of C-Minor” has now played on BBC Knowledge in New Zealand three times. Some really lovely feedback, introductions from strangers on the street, and generally a wash of warmth and love. Feeling so affirmed as a human being. For those that haven’t seen the documentary, it is a candid look at my story and music, and amongst other things – an embrace of the philosophy of vulnerability. I have seen the piece many times, and in response a new decision to even more fully inhabit and expand upon that philosophy. The scariness of walking forward, defences lowered, hoping for a richer, fuller experience of life.
We are not able to post the documentary online until February 2015 for copyright reasons, but, the BBC have given us the green light to enter it into film festivals globally. Thinking long and hard how we might raise some funds to enable this.
The beginnings of further promotion, a radio interview, a program called Film Factory on Otago Access Radio, with the lovely Veronica Stevenson which played on the 18th April. Here is the interview (some introductory notices…..properly gets going at 4:54):

Hope you enjoy.

An Album and a Video

With Great Pleasure……

The Album – My second – Resuscitate now available for pre-order.

Two tracks available for immediate download. The price only $9.

The single by the same name is a recurrent theme in the upcoming BBC funded Doco. Its finished, and looks very shiny. The film makers J. Ollie Lucks & Max Bellamy have done an amazing job.

I’m still adjusting to seeing myself be very open and vulnerable on screen, knowing how large the audience might be. Feels just a little freaky.

Some time ago, before the commencement of the doco shooting, Ollie & friends made my first real Music video, – Resuscitate the single. I have been sitting on it for ages, and it is with enormous pleasure I am finally able to share it.

Lots of work from last year finally about to see the light of day. Hooray!

Thank you so much to all those who have shown me support and given encouragement, it has been a huge personal growth phase for me, and wouldn’t have been possible without your help.

Looking forward to unfoldings in the coming months……





With much pleasure, at last Nick Knox T-Shirts available online. These have been available at my gigs for a while, but lovely to have them finally here:


They are beautiful soft organic cotton, with environmentally friendly inks.

In sizes S, M, L, XL.

Selling for NZ$40.

The design by my friend Rachael Brough was originally for a Gig poster. So many peeps independently suggested the T-Shirt option, and despite my initial reticence, they have become a great success.