An Album and a Video

With Great Pleasure……

The Album – My second – Resuscitate now available for pre-order.

Two tracks available for immediate download. The price only $9.

The single by the same name is a recurrent theme in the upcoming BBC funded Doco. Its finished, and looks very shiny. The film makers J. Ollie Lucks & Max Bellamy have done an amazing job.

I’m still adjusting to seeing myself be very open and vulnerable on screen, knowing how large the audience might be. Feels just a little freaky.

Some time ago, before the commencement of the doco shooting, Ollie & friends made my first real Music video, – Resuscitate the single. I have been sitting on it for ages, and it is with enormous pleasure I am finally able to share it.

Lots of work from last year finally about to see the light of day. Hooray!

Thank you so much to all those who have shown me support and given encouragement, it has been a huge personal growth phase for me, and wouldn’t have been possible without your help.

Looking forward to unfoldings in the coming months……





With much pleasure, at last Nick Knox T-Shirts available online. These have been available at my gigs for a while, but lovely to have them finally here:


They are beautiful soft organic cotton, with environmentally friendly inks.

In sizes S, M, L, XL.

Selling for NZ$40.

The design by my friend Rachael Brough was originally for a Gig poster. So many peeps independently suggested the T-Shirt option, and despite my initial reticence, they have become a great success.

A New Album Pending

An Update. Progress on many fronts. Happy. My second album which has yet to find a name is being mastered by Mr Forbes Williams. It has been a somewhat protracted process to get it to this stage, and well, yes – pretty excited. My instrumental improvisations can be crazy complex, but this vocal based album is minimalist in approach – Space and Surges. It has an intensity of emotion that has led to the decision to cull a number of tracks given that an earlier version seemed somewhat too relentless and exhausting for a complete listen.

Wanting to share a taster. This track might not yet make it, but is representative of the albums flavour.
A wee bit of context: Sometimes life is hard, despite giving all the love we can muster – knock backs can diminish our spirit. Attempting to find strength to carry on in the hope that the tide will turn, hence the title – The Tide.

Hope you enjoy.


Nick Knox at Queens

Ah it’s a nice feeling when people like ya work. Thanks Bill.

Bill Morris

I had the pleasure last night of hearing the incredible Nick Knox perform at Queens. A couple of local filmmakers are making a documentary on Nick, so the performance was filmed. It’s been a few years since I saw Nick play. I was astonished at what I was hearing – Nick’s music is thrilling, strange and utterly unique. Imagine Rammstein’s tour bus, with a troupe of Tibetan throat singers on board, crashing into the middle of a Bach recital and you can begin to imagine the sound. Nick was performing as part of Queens Got Talent night, organized by the indomitable Tahu. It’s great to see Queens turning into a real creative hub…I’ve seen Hector build Chicks in Port Chalmers into a national treasure of a music venue and now he’s gone one step further by creating a really vibrant little alcove in Dunedin’s creative scene. Good beer and…

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BBC Documentary

Got the news two weeks ago, Ollie Lucks & Max Bellamy two accomplished local filmmakers were successful in their application for a BBC Knowledge Grant: to make a documentary about my music, life and story.

Very very excited & a little nervous. It could be an amazing leap forward for me, with wide exposure for my work.

Many parts of my journey have been excruciatingly sad & how candid to be about my struggles on camera is still something I am carefully deliberating, but overall am super stoked.

With the rough cut due in August, and the finished in October there is some time pressure.

The opportunity to share my music & story, working with two very talented friends, with exposure on such a prestigious media organization has a little ‘pinch me, I’m dreaming’ sensation about it, but am just going to ride it.

To all the amazing support & encouragement from so many friends and admirers – Thank You.