Radio New Zealand, An Auckland Show! An Update.

Nick Knox 29May2016PSA - 24

Had a lovely interview on Radio Nz Concert (here) re a show at the Audio Foundation in Auckland. Lovely to have a little content hit the national airwaves & Eva Radich was super lovely at putting this nervous public speaker at ease. The concert was magic, my first ever show in Auckland, on a line up of 12 Pianists with a a huge variety of styles and approaches. Hoping to return there, next year for more shows. A lovely trip.

Been a long time since posting here, a quick synopsis – at my studio piano five to six hours every day, voice developing into a richer multi-flecked thing, my musical comprehensions, deepening. My love of music engaged in passionate devotion.

Lots of shows, mostly in Dunedin, but spreading my wings in Wellington too. My performance craft becoming shinier, and the thrill of engaging audience still as vivid as ever.

Alas, very little new content, primarily due to lack of funds. Frustrating at times, but I have become a patient man.

To all my supporters and fans – giant thank yous!!