A Film, An Album, A Story, The Music

It’s been a long time coming! But at last a tandem release.

The Film: “The Characteristics of C-Minor” –  “Part biopic, part music video, part tribute to Gothic beauty, The Characteristics of C-Minor bears witness to the emotional armour of a scarred man, and to the thundering growl that emerges when he peels it off.”
 “Beautifully realised… the story [is captured] with finesse, all the moody scenes and soaring performance pieces adding up to a concise masterpiece in miniature. “(New Zealand Herald)
 Finally here it is released into the public domain!
The Album: “Two Tails – Live at the Cafe”
My third album representing the energy & vitality of my live work featuring similar music to that shown in the film. A mix of songs & improvised instrumental tracks. Dark vox & polyphonies. A further step in my musical and personal evolution.

I hope you enjoy.