It’s a Wonderful Life!


The flow is strong. A Summer retreated into my studio. Creative outpourings. A gig at my friends lovely Cafe. A sweet spot. The new material shared publicly for the first time. A beautiful recording. Deciding to share it as a live Album. Generous people. Money. A Gift. Use. Mastering it in Berlin. Excited.

Yes, I am. Bubbling in fact. How to release it? Trying to navigate career development. Needing a manager. Wondering about labels. A little bewildered, but gently so.

The Characteristics of C-Minor, the doco, about my journey, life and music has done amazingly well having screened in 20 International film festivals.

The plan: to release it free onto the internet in the near future.

Hoping it will find legs of it’s own, garner momentum, and usher some more opportunities.

I continue to work very hard, and am so enthused and encouraged by the improvement and the expanding of my comprehensions and capacities as a musician. To focus so deeply on my craft, and to feel almost consistently heartened with my progress is a wonderful and extraordinary feeling.

A long way to go, still very much in the emerging artist category, but with enormous optimism that at some stage, I will spread my wings more fully, and fly.

Again, gratitude for a wealth of support. Thank you friends and fans!

With love.


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