Life, Radio, and TV

 “The Characteristics of C-Minor” has now played on BBC Knowledge in New Zealand three times. Some really lovely feedback, introductions from strangers on the street, and generally a wash of warmth and love. Feeling so affirmed as a human being. For those that haven’t seen the documentary, it is a candid look at my story and music, and amongst other things – an embrace of the philosophy of vulnerability. I have seen the piece many times, and in response a new decision to even more fully inhabit and expand upon that philosophy. The scariness of walking forward, defences lowered, hoping for a richer, fuller experience of life.
We are not able to post the documentary online until February 2015 for copyright reasons, but, the BBC have given us the green light to enter it into film festivals globally. Thinking long and hard how we might raise some funds to enable this.
The beginnings of further promotion, a radio interview, a program called Film Factory on Otago Access Radio, with the lovely Veronica Stevenson which played on the 18th April. Here is the interview (some introductory notices…..properly gets going at 4:54):

Hope you enjoy.

3 thoughts on “Life, Radio, and TV

  1. Hi, Just saw Characteristics of C Minor at Documentary Film Festival in Auckland today (23.5.15) – wonderful! Thank you so much for your music, honesty and vulnerability which are very humbling to see and hear.

    Just listening to you talk about the characteristics of C minor as a key, I also experience these same qualities.

    I know you speak with your voice and fingers, but in case you do some reading too, you may like to investigate Rita Steblin’s A History of Key Characteristics in the Eighteenth and Early Nineteenth Centuries. There was a very sophisticated understanding of keys and emotional qualities in those times and you’d find that lots of other people experienced C Minor like you do. She goes through all the keys and says what everyone said about them – really fascinating. It’s not so much lots of prose as lists of characteristics of different keys.

    You may not be into that but just in case you want to check it out it’s fascinating!

    All the very best for your career and music. You open doors for lots of other people besides yourself. Humble thanks again.

    Peggy (an improvising pianist)

    • Ah Peggy, Thank You. Lovely feedback, It’s been humbling in return to see the film touching people, I am so encouraged to see these issues being talked about more openly in gentle fashions. Not quite the way I imagined the journey would unfold, but have become emboldened by growing positive and thankful responses to it.
      Awesome, I find it fascinating that certain scales and modes seem to voice and effect people in similar ways. At various phases of my unfoldings new ones emerge as the most accurate and apt summations of that current emotional vantage.
      Thank you for your kind offer, I feel a little strange in declining, for me so much of the joy in my process is in the ever evolving and growing discoveries. Sometimes I wilfully protect my ignorance and naivety, as to tentatively extend my own intuitive comprehensions without existing preconceptions. Many Thanks again. I draw great strength from encouraging feedback. May the flow be strong with you. Warmly. Nick.

  2. P.S. As the Steblin book is both expensive and out of stock at Amazon I can arrange to send you the lists of key characteristics if you are interested.

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