Life, Radio, and TV

 “The Characteristics of C-Minor” has now played on BBC Knowledge in New Zealand three times. Some really lovely feedback, introductions from strangers on the street, and generally a wash of warmth and love. Feeling so affirmed as a human being. For those that haven’t seen the documentary, it is a candid look at my story and music, and amongst other things – an embrace of the philosophy of vulnerability. I have seen the piece many times, and in response a new decision to even more fully inhabit and expand upon that philosophy. The scariness of walking forward, defences lowered, hoping for a richer, fuller experience of life.
We are not able to post the documentary online until February 2015 for copyright reasons, but, the BBC have given us the green light to enter it into film festivals globally. Thinking long and hard how we might raise some funds to enable this.
The beginnings of further promotion, a radio interview, a program called Film Factory on Otago Access Radio, with the lovely Veronica Stevenson which played on the 18th April. Here is the interview (some introductory notices…..properly gets going at 4:54):

Hope you enjoy.