A New Album Pending

An Update. Progress on many fronts. Happy. My second album which has yet to find a name is being mastered by Mr Forbes Williams. It has been a somewhat protracted process to get it to this stage, and well, yes – pretty excited. My instrumental improvisations can be crazy complex, but this vocal based album is minimalist in approach – Space and Surges. It has an intensity of emotion that has led to the decision to cull a number of tracks given that an earlier version seemed somewhat too relentless and exhausting for a complete listen.

Wanting to share a taster. This track might not yet make it, but is representative of the albums flavour.
A wee bit of context: Sometimes life is hard, despite giving all the love we can muster – knock backs can diminish our spirit. Attempting to find strength to carry on in the hope that the tide will turn, hence the title – The Tide.

Hope you enjoy.